Emma Elizabeth Renwick Carlisle
Born May 15, 1851  and Died August 6, 1930

Emma was the daughter of Col. John Simpson Renwick and Mary Toland Renwick, and granddaughter of John and Mary Spence Toland.

Her brothers and sisters were:

  • James Washington, died Oct. 20, 1858 age 19 years. Civil War death.
  • Hugh Toland, born Nov. 19, 1843 and died in Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond VA on April 27, 1862. Civil War death.
  • Mary Elizabeth, who died Aug. 25, 1844 age 3 years, 11 months.
  • Marcellus, who became a doctor, had a large family and died in the Renwick home. 1846-1918
  • Melissa, twin of Marcellus, died Jan. 24, 1849 age 2 years, 8 months.
  • Rosannah Angeline, born Nov. 20, 1848 and died April 24, 1916, and married Anderson Carlisle
  • M. Satilla, born Sept. 17, 1853. Graduated Due West Female College in 1871 and died in Charleston on Nov. 12, 1872

Her father built a one room brick school house in the yard of their home. Private teachers lived at the house and taught the Renwick children. (This building was later used by Dr. Coleman Carlisle as his medical office.) About 1866, age 15, Emma went to Due West Female College (presently Erskine College).  She gave the Graduation Address for the Class of 1868.  While Emma was at college, she and Coleman fell in love.

In September 16, 1869, Emma and Coleman married. Her wedding dress was made of cream colored alpaca. They honeymooned in New York City. She lost her diamond in the Hudson River. She pointed at something and the ring fell off.  Emma kissed Coleman for the first time, the night they were married. After the wedding they continued to live at the Col. Renwick home.

Emma and Coleman had eight children:

John Renwick Carlisle b. Sept. 27, 1870 d. Oct. 19, 1909
Satilla Fidella Carlisle b. Oct. 12, 1871 d. Aug. 8, 1873
Mary Emma Carlisle b. Oct. 16, 1877 d. May 9, 1953
Thomas Bernard Carlisle b. Nov. 30, 1879 d. June 13, 1952
Twin boys - died at birth - Nov. 21, 1882
Richard Coleman Carlisle b. Dec. 20, 1883 d. Aug. 27, 1956
Hubert Toland Carlisle b. Aug. 20, 1888 d. Feb. 17, 1985

Emma had the best of everything.  She dressed well, buying only the best.  She had only the best for her home.  She gave generously to her children and her church.

Emma's uncle, Hugh Huger Toland, founded The Toland Medical College in San Francisco.  Towards the end of his life, he donated this school to the University Of California, which formed the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine.  There are many articles on Hugh Huger Toland on the internet.  Do a "Search" for more information.


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