The Home of Thomas Anderson and Kitty Carlisle


These are actual photos of the Carlisle House in 1962. Margaret Kennedy Blakely and Ola Carlisle visited the home before it was torn down. Margaret remembers walking through the empty rooms. The walls in the front two rooms were paneled. The stair had a curving railing. There were small panes of glass on each side of the windows. The floor was made of boards 12 inches wide. The fireplace mantels were pretty. The attic was floored with 12 inch wide boards. The lumber in the house had been sold to someone who was going to tear it down and use the lumber to build a new house.

A short distance in front and to the left of the house, was a slave graveyard. Tall rocks marked these graves. When the house was an active plantation, there were barns, storage barns and slave cabins at the rear of the house. There was a white picket fence around the yard and a hitching post at the gate. In the yard were tall cedars, a mock orange tree, japonica and spirea bushes.

After the death of their parents, the two single daughters, Tommie and Sue, inherited the house.  Tommie married in 1884 and we assume that Sue did not live in the house alone. In 1889, Sue went to Gainsville, Florida, to care for brother Julius' family after the death of his wife.  We do not know when the house was sold out of the family.

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