Catherine "Kitty" Peacock Fidella Teagle Carlisle
"With a cheerful, loving heart, she scattered sunbeams all around."

                             August 26, 1811  -  Sept. 27, 1880

On January 10, 1830, Thomas Carlisle married Kitty Teagle, daughter of Richard and Kitty Peacock
Teagle. Kitty had a brother Issac Teagle born between 1800 - 1810.

Thomas and Kitty built a very large and beautiful house in the Goshen Hill section. In this section
lived many distinguished families. Thomas and Kitty owned land, slaves, cattle and raised cotton. They
educated their children.

During the Civil War, five of their sons went to war. Each morning, just after breakfast, Kitty
went into the bedroom and instructed the servants not to disturb her while she prayed for an hour
or more for her sons' safety.

From her obituary : .....Her mind was clear and discriminating, her disposition mild and loving, her
affections full to overflowing, and her religious experience clear and ripe. Long and severe was the
affliction of her last days. For nearly eight years was she utterly helpless from paralysis.

                                Please notice her beautiful dragonfly jewelry in the above picture.

In the 1930's, The Rawick collection interviewed aged ex-slaves on their memories of slave times
before those memories were lost to the nation forever.  Gus, one of Thomas' slaves was interviewed.

--Gus stated that Kitty had sent his mother and old lady Lucy to pick blackberries.  Gus and another
boy, John went with the women.  The overseer, ole man Wash Evans, came riding up and asking what
they were doing.  The women told Mr. Evans that Kitty wanted blackberries before dinner.  He started
arguing with the two women. He got off of his horse to whip them and the two boys ran into the woods.
The women started crying and begging him not to whip them.  He took off his whip and the women
grabbed his goatee and shirt, and pushed him into the blackberry bushes! The women called for the
two boys to come out of the woods. The boys grabbed the buckets of blackberries and ran as fast as
they could to "the big house".  They could hear ole man Evans hollering and cussing in the briers. 
They ran into the kitchen and told Kitty what had happened.  Kitty sent for Mr. Evans.  When
Mr. Evans arrived, Kitty told him his services were no longer needed.  Mr. Evans replied that
Mr. Carlisle was not at the plantation.  Kitty said that she did not want to argue with him, but his
services had come to an end on this plantation.

--During the Civil War, Gus had to stay out in the woods to guard the silver, gold and jewels the
Carlisle's hid to keep the Yankees from getting it. They would drive a wagon into the woods, unload
the wagon and drive it back out. They would take dry pine needles and  cover up all the wagon tracks
and hoof prints after they had raked the dirt smooth. From the big house, they would bring Gus
and boys their food after it was dark.

--Gus stated that folks in the Goshen Hill section were all rich. Rogers Church was the richest
country church in this part of the state.  Every summer they carried on a Camp Meeting at
Rogers Church. All the big Methodist preachers from way off would come and stay at the
Carlisle house.  Everything was cleaned up for the meeting, just like we cleaned in the spring.
Kitty would use her finest linens, silver and crystal. All the children were put into one room to
sleep to make more room for the preachers and their guests. They would stay about six weeks.
Some of the slaves would attend the Camp Meeting to help serve with the covered dished
suppers and clean up afterwards.  While walking back home, they would sing hymns.Sometimes
Kitty would raise her bedroom window and ask the slaves to sing, "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"
for her guests.

A question while building this site.....Is it "Kitty" or Kittie" ?
Thomas' Family Bible, Thomas' Will and her tombstone have "Kitty".
Her obituary and probate papers have "Kittie."
I've decided to use what is chiseled in stone.

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