The Renwick Photo Album

Mary Toland Renwick
Mother of the children below.


                                                      James Washington Renwick                Hugh Toland Renwick                Marcellus Adolphus Renwick


                                                Rosannah Angelina Renwick               Emma Elizabeth Renwick                  Mary Satilla Renwick

Marcellus Renwick's House   cir. 1895

Marcellus moved to town to educate his older children. The various woods in the house were selected by Dr. Renwick from his place in Newberry County.
The front hall and the beautiful circular staircase were of walnut. The parlor and dining room were of oak. Dr. and Mrs. Renwick's room was of pine. Mary
Melissa's room on the left upstairs was in maple. A room in the attic was fixed up as a dark room for Hugh who enjoyed photography as a hobby. 
The house was torn down in 1928 to make way for the new Newberry High School.

Two of Marcellus and Mary's children
                                                                            Mary Melissa (Mamie) Renwick           Hugh Toland Renwick

When Marcellus was studying in Paris in 1868, he wrote a letter to his sister, Satilla.  I feel like we know very little of Satilla and after reading this letter, it
gave me some idea of her. She was 15 years old at the time.  Here are parts of that letter.

....I feel proud to see that you are so lively.  I think you will have to sell yourself to some circus man and act as a clown for them. I would like to see you now,
if you are so corpulent as Mother says.  I do not know what we will do with you if you still continue growing. I will expect to find you larger than myself when
I get home. You must quit living so high and save it for me as I will be tired of frogs by that time.  What has become of your beau, or have you anyone now? 
I expect the next thing I hear will be that you are married to some little upstart before long.  If you say so I will bring a little ducklegged Frenchman home for you.  You must select a nice girl for me as I expect to get married when I get home (that is if anyone will have me).....