Thomas Anderson Carlisle               Catherine "Kitty" Teagle

   Aug. 27, 1803 - Dec. 7, 1881                    Aug. 26, 1811 - Sept. 27, 1880

Thomas Anderson Carlisle was the 5th child of Rev. Coleman and Hannah Glenn Carlisle. Thomas was 8 years old when
his Mother died and 21 years old when his Father died. Thomas was one of the executors of his father's will. He took
responsibility to look after the interest of his two younger sisters, aged six and ten.  We do not know who cared for his
young brother, William Henry.

When he was 27, he married Catherine "Kitty" Peacock Fidella Teagle.  Thomas and Kitty lived in the Goshen Hill Section,
not far from Whitmire, in Newberry County, SC.

Thomas and Kitty had 12 children.  I am working on my pages of their children, including photos. Please check back or
send me an email and I'll let you know when the page is up.

Charner Thompason Scaife Carlisle
        b. Jan 13, 1831  d. July 1, 1849   Buried in Sims-Roger Cemetery   Tombstone:  In his short life he so conducted
himself as to gain respect and friendship to all who knew him and was not afraid to die but trusted in the merits of the
Savior. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

Mary Johnson Dugan Carlisle
        b. Sept. 16,1832   d. May 20, 1900  m.  Spencer M. Rice Jan 1, 1852

Eloiza Flora Aurilla Carlisle
        b. Feb. 23, 1834   d. April 14, 1835

Richard Coleman Carlisle

        b. Dec 5, 1835  d. Aug 21, 1906 m. Emma E. Renwick  Sept 16, 1869

James Newton Carlisle

        b. Oct 14, 1837   d. Jan 8, 1877   m. Mary E. Dibrell April 8, 1868

William Holmes Carlisle

        b. Sept 7, 1839   d. 1922  m1. Harriet W. Hill  Dec 12, 1865
        m2.  Bettie Briscoe Bennett Oct 26, 1876

Milton Anderson Carlisle

        b. Sept 7, 1841  d. 1920 m. Mrs. Rosa Renwick McMorris May 26, 1875

Reuben Chick Sims Carlisle

        b. Sept 15, 1843    d. Oct 1, 1845

Julius Addison Carlisle

        b. June 23, 1846  d. May 4, 1915  m. Anne B. Taylor Aug 13, 1874

Susan Hill Carlisle

        b. May 18, 1848     d. March 29, 1919

Thompson Carlisle

        b. Aug 22, 1850  d. Oct 7, 1909  m. Rev. R.H. McAulay  1884

Thomas Asbury Carlisle

        b. June 5, 1852    d. Nov 22, 1855

In the 1930's The Rawick collection interviewed aged ex-slaves on their memories of slave times before those memories
were lost to the nation forever.  Gus, one of Thomas' slaves was interviewed.

Gus remembered that Mr. Tom (Thomas) never whipped about nothing much but stealing.  He never let his overseer do no whipping, if he knowed it.  He would burnt you up about stealing.

Lots of time Newt and Anderson would tell Gus and another boy named John, to come and get under the steps while Mr.
Tom was eating his supper.  When he would get up from the table, they would hear the sliding of his chair, cause he was
such a big man.  Mr. Tom would then go into Kitty's room to sit by the fire to warm his feet and have his Julip.  The boys
would run from under the house to the bushes near the front walk.  Newt and Anderson would come out of the house with
ham biscuits for them.  The biscuits would be full of gravy.  We had good times then, like I never had before or since.

Mr. Tom was good to his hands that they all loved him all the time.

Gus stated that the young children and babies of the slaves were kept at home by the women too old to work in the fields.
Mr. Tom would check on these women everyday.  The children on our plantation were well looked after. Sometimes it
was as many as 15 that was too little to walk.  The mommies would not work until their baby was on a bottle, and in those
days no one under a year old was given a bottle.

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