"Sisters Who Married Brothers"

On Sept. 16, 1869, Emma married Dr. Richard Coleman Carlisle.
Coleman was 34 yrs old.  and Emma was 18 yrs. old

Emma Elizabeth Renwick's Wedding Dress



                   Emma excelled in music, having a lovely voice. She and Satilla gave a recital in voice.
                      The white gown, with the wedding dress, is the gown she wore for the recital.

           On April 26, 1874, Emma's sister, Rosa married Milton Anderson Carlisle, who was Coleman's brother.

        Rosa and Anderson had two daughters who married brothers.  Elizabeth "Bessie" Renwick Carlisle
               married Robert Moffatt Kennedy. 
Nina Rosa Carlisle married William Meek Kennedy.


                             Bessie Carlisle's wedding gown, with close up of lace at the hemline.


               Wedding Dress of  Mary Emma Carlisle,  daughter of Coleman and Emma Carlisle.
                    Mary Emma married Rev. Isaac Newton Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1899.
        The waist is 21 inches around. The sleeves are long and the cuffs are ruffled with seed pearls.

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Suzanne Carlisle Vick